American Girl Doll School Fun Finds

American Girl Doll School Supplies
It’s back to school time!  This is always such a fun time of year with new clothes and supplies, seeing old friends, and of course getting back into the classroom.  Back to school time is also a great time for some fun doll play.  So I thought I would share some of my daughters’ favorite American Girl Doll School fun finds for this year.

American Girl Doll School Playset

American Girl Doll SchoolFor those serious about school doll play, I highly recommend the American Girl Doll School Book/Playset.  For the money, you get a lot of play out of it.

It comes with everything you need to set up a fun AG doll school from classroom decorations, to report cards, to other cute doll-sized school supplies.  Your little girl will get hours and hours of play out of this set!

American Girl Doll Desk

American Girl Doll DeskOf course if  you want to have a doll school, then you need a good desk!  Fortunately there are several to choose from, ranging from historical to modern styles.  Our favorite happens to be this 1930’s style 18 inch doll desk from The Queen’s Treasures.

It is made entirely from wood and features a flip top compartment where you can store your doll school supplies.  It also comes with a 6 piece accessory kit that includes a chalkboard, 3 books, a pencil, and an apple.  Just perfect for American Girl doll school fun!

These AG School desks are also great choices.

Vintage Style Wooden School DeskVintage Style Wooden School DeskAmerican Girl Kit's Wooden School Desk and ChairAmerican Girl Kit’s Wooden School Desk and Chair18 inch Doll Desk and Chair18 inch Doll Desk and Chair

American Girl Doll Locker

American Girl Doll locker
If you have a modern doll, a locker is a must-have for storing backpacks, books, and other AG doll school supplies for doll play.

The My AG Locker Set from American Girl features a metal locker with a faux combination lock that really turns.  It also comes with a bunch of goodies to decorate and personalize the locker.

18 inch doll locker
Another affordable choice is the Pink Metal Doll School Locker from Sophia’s Designer Doll Clothes.  Don’t you just love the color?

This 18 inch doll locker comes with hangers and a storage shelf.


18 Inch Doll Backpack

American Girl Doll BackpackDon’t forget a bookbag!  If your AG doll is heading off to school, then she needs a backpack to carry everything!

This cute hot pink backpack has a zipper closure and a front pocket for storing extra goodies.

Click here to view even more American Girl Doll Backpacks on Amazon.

AG Doll School Supplies

It’s the little things that really can enhance doll play.  From books to pencils, here are some cute AG doll school supplies that your little girl will absolutely love adding to her collection.

American Girl Kit's School SuppliesAmerican Girl Kit’s School SuppliesAmerican Girl Rebecca's School SetAmerican Girl Rebecca’s School Set18 inch Doll 1930's Style School Accessory Set18 inch Doll 1930’s Style School Accessory Set

AG Doll Lunchbox

American Girl Doll Kit Lunch SetAfter all that learning, your AG doll is bound to be hungry for lunch!

My daughters have Kit’s lunchbox which came with a sandwich, napkin, vegetables, and a even a little cookie. Dolls need dessert too, don’t ya know?

It is a metal lunch box and almost reminds me of a picnic basket.  Just adorable!

Here are even more historical AG doll lunch sets that any doll will love to take to school.

American Girl Molly Lunch Box SetAmerican Girl Molly Lunch Box SetAmerican Girl Julie School Lunchbox Lunch SetAmerican Girl Julie School Lunchbox Lunch SetAmerican Girl Samantha's LunchboxAmerican Girl Samantha’s Lunchbox

If you are looking for a doll school lunch set that are perfect for modern dolls, here are some great choices:

American Girl - Hot Lunch Set - Truly Me 2015American Girl – Hot Lunch Set – Truly Me 2015American Girl My AG School Lunch SetAmerican Girl My AG School Lunch SetAmerican Girl My AG Allergy Free LunchAmerican Girl My AG Allergy Free Lunch

Didn’t find what you wanted?  Click here to view all American Girl Doll School Items on Amazon.

Have any other American Girl doll school fun finds to share?  Be sure to tell me about them by leaving a comment.

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